Adrian Pocobelli (1979) was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in Canada's midwest. He became interested in images at a young age when he began collecting postcards of Roman mosaics on his first trip to Italy and was given the stamp collection of his late Italian grandfather. As a teenager he became interested in sports cards, and later comics, eventually working his first job at a comic store in Saskatoon.

In his twenties he completed a Masters in English Literature at the University of Saskatchewan, writing a thesis on The Atrocity Exhibition by J.G. Ballard, after which he moved to Montreal, where he worked as a graphic designer. He later moved to Toronto, where he spent four years as a news editor before moving to Berlin in September 2016. Pocobelli currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. 

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2001-2004 - University of Saskatchewan, Master of Arts, English Literature
1997-2001 - University of Saskatchewan, Double Honours, Visual Arts and English Literature

Public Appearances

2019 - “The Peloponnesian War”, presentation, Motion Lab Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2019 - “The Peloponnesian War”, presentation, Ping Pong, Berlin, Germany
2018 - "J.G. Ballard and the Visual Arts", lecture, Mitte Media Festival, Berlin, Germany


Solo Shows

2018 - "Digital Hallucinations", Fata Morgana (two-person show sponsored by Leo Kuelbs Collection), Berlin, Germany
2018 - "Related Images", Factory Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2017 - "Screenshots", Factory Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2017 - "Internet Pop", Fata Morgana (sponsored by Leo Kuelbs Collection), Berlin, Germany
2017 - "Promoted Stories", Fata Morgana, Berlin, Germany


Group Shows

2016 - Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2016 - Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2015 - Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2015 - GAS Gallery, Toronto, Canada



2016 - ArtSlant Prize Round 5, Juried Winner