Adrian Pocobelli (1979) was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in Canada's midwest. He became interested in images at a young age when he began collecting postcards of Roman mosaics on his first trip to Italy and was given the stamp collection of his late Italian grandfather. As a teenager he became interested in sports cards, and later comics, eventually working his first job at a comic store in Saskatoon. He still mines this iconography in his Nostalgia Studies series.

In his twenties he completed a Masters in English Literature at the University of Saskatchewan, writing a thesis on The Atrocity Exhibition by J.G. Ballard, after which he moved to Montreal, where he worked as a graphic designer. He later moved to Toronto, where he spent four years as an news editor before moving to Berlin in September 2016. Pocobelli currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. 


1997-2001 - University of Saskatchewan, Double Honours, Visual Arts and English Literature
2001-2004 - University of Saskatchewan, Master of Arts, English Literature

Public Appearances

2018 -"J.G. Ballard and the Visual Arts", lecture, Mitte Media Festival, Berlin, Germany


Solo Shows

2018 - "Digital Hallucinations", Fata Morgana (two-person show sponsored by Leo Kuelbs Collection), Berlin, Germany
2018 - "Related Images", Factory Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2017 - "Screenshots", Factory Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2017 - "Internet Pop", Fata Morgana (sponsored by Leo Kuelbs Collection), Berlin, Germany
2017 - "Promoted Stories", Fata Morgana, Berlin, Germany


Group Shows

2016 - Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2016 - Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2015 - Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2015 - GAS Gallery, Toronto, Canada



2016 - ArtSlant Prize Round 5, Juried Winner